Why was TripMatchmaker founded?

We simply could not find on the web what we were looking for!

We wanted to find different destinations for various experiences, ranging from museum tickets, Ski passes to book a round tour or a day excursion with a local tour guide or tour operator and, at the same time, that could include some travellers’ reviews. Unfortunately, there were no websites that gave preference to local tour operators or guides or ONE marketplace where we could search for suppliers contacts. In fact, there was always an intermediate, saying on one side “book with your local experts”, but then not providing direct contacts to travellers.

Tripmatchmaker was just a New Year’s Eve idea that popped up on the 31st of December, 2015 or rather 1st of January 2016. Our aim is to build a trusted marketplace for travellers, where they can discover the real local travel suppliers and destination experts from each place they visitIn this sharing economy, being able to have trusted reviews by a trusted community enables travellers to DIRECTLY SUPPORT THE LOCAL ECONOMY, rather than having many intermediate agents. Travellers will be able to have a real travel market value for their services and products and quickly find the right experience they are looking for. At the same time, this also gives a great opportunity for local suppliers to exhibit themselves.

We help not only the travellers on the site but also local suppliers, by giving them worldwide visibility and travellers contacts, to negotiate all by themselves.

We would like to think of this as a great opportunity, where small travel suppliers – who are unable to exhibit themselves on expensive travel fairs or do not have time to spend much resources and energy on digital marketing – can be offered a chance for their services.

Tripmatchmaker platform helps such suppliers to be discovered by travellers and to have other business opportunities.


Tripmatchmaker just started, in 2016, as a small passion and project, to help local travel suppliers being discovered.

sabrina-espeletaSabrina Espeleta,
 Long had a desire and passion on supporting local communities in various countries with the help of tourism, and wanting to bring in the responsible tourism concept to make a difference. Sabrina believes this Digital tool TripMatchmaker platform will benefit local small travel providers to have better visibility and profit by not having to share their profits with any intermediary involvement.  Sabrina is passionately involved  with developing this platform with her digital Marketing Skills. Sabrina takes care of the technical aspects of the platform too, including web development.

vinod-gordonVinod Gordon
 owned a local inbound tour operator and noticed how difficult it is for small incoming operators and travel service providers in his own country to be noticed and have travellers, while big companies have more resources to promote themselves. He saw how travel fairs were sometimes unaffordable to small operators and travel service providers and how beginners or small travel start-ups (especially in developing countries) could not withstand the large companies competition.

These made Vinod want to do something new for all suppliers on a Global scale. As a result, Sabrina and Vinod thought “Let’s give all the small suppliers a chance and let the real travellers review their suppliers”. Let’s bring travel more affordable and fair and more ethical and responsible. Vinod loves Outdoor Activities, Sports and Yoga experiences. Vinod is the CEO in charge of business development and new partnerships.

Tripmatchmaker dream was toasted on the New Year Eve of 2016 in Turin, Italy, to change the world of travel suppliers and to help travellers find their unique travel experience.

Let’s hope the  travel revolution begins now!


How it Works