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    TripMatchMaker is a listing Platform for travel related service providers and for travellers who are interested to get in touch directly with the local suppliers by totally eliminating any form of intermediary service providers. So NO middle Man, merchant, dealer or mediator in the middle, and the Traveller Do not have to Use TripMatchMakers Platform to get in touch with Suppliers.

    Anyone who wishes to book a simple Museum ticket from a local supplier to book any holiday experience from a local provider, can book direct with the suppliers.

    TripMatchMaker aims to help travellers to gather all destination information about various travel service providers all over the world.

    TripMatchMakere is also useful for information about local suppliers in travel world for networking purposes between suppliers, posting reviews and opinions of travel experiences, engaging in interactive travel blogs/forums.

    Please go through All the FAQ’s for Suppliers to have a better understanding about how to list and gain most of this website. If any unanswered questions still exist, Feel free to get in touch with a team any time!

    Category: Tour Operators

    TMM is an online listing service platform, that allows travellers to directly enquire, book, negotiate and book with local travel experts and suppliers (by revealing the contacts of the suppliers.) worldwide.

    We believe if you say you are cutting out the middle Man, then there should be 100% transparency and there should not be any reason to hold ourselves the contacts of the suppliers, Rather offer it direct to the traveller, to deal with the suppliers.

    Is that what you thought too?

    We charge No commission(s) from the Suppliers or Booking fees from the Travellers, As a result of directly contacting the supplier(s), TMM is also the quickest (Save communication time) and the easiest way to enquire and book. Travellers have the total freedom to contact any number of supplier directly (not 03 and not 5 but any numbers of suppliers) without any restrictions to find out a quote for their experiences.

    We certainly doubt if any online service plat offers this fast and diverse approach to link travellers to suppliers. And as a result the experiences only gets more affordable, as a direct advantage of this, travellers can end up Saving money and either travel longer or do something special while on their trip and/or save the money for the next holiday.

    TMM, review system keeps the advertiser more competitive, and as a result suppliers will be happy to offer Fair Price and have regular business. TMM allows travellers to find out the real price information on the travel experience(s). Travellers will not find a complete database with this much content, which can be put to use instantly.

    Well, there are many websites that makes claims about booking directly with local experts and specialist, so on and so forth, However the outcome is disappointing to both the supplier and the traveller.

    From a Suppliers point of view, they never get an opportunity to show their full potential with the intermediary (mediator, merchant, Dealer or a middle man) involvement, and taking away the big piece of pie. The local Suppliers never gets discovered or has an opportunity to exhibit themselves (leave alone expensive international travel fairs, not even any dedicated forum exists for them to be reviewed).

    From a traveller or consumers point of view, the traveller ends up knowing that they never got access to deal with local supplier , rather after a confirmation of payment the suppliers contact gets revealed. And end of the day traveller ends up paying the intermediary (mediator, merchant, Dealer or a middle man) agent/supplier.

    By putting both together, we figured out as travellers ourselves, there is no ONE market place  we can find a transparent website connecting travellers with local experts and suppliers with the contact information, such as websites, Telephone numbers etc, travellers have to spend hours or even sometimes days on search engines to find such suppliers just to put a destination experience together, and we decided to build ONE market place where they can find book directly their museum tickets, a local sightseeing tour, and even book a through a Local accommodation supplier some place to stay (with not only supporting the local economy but they live there and they know more better”) and booking activities or various experiences.

    We, hope the this could bring some form of Global travel equality, where outbound suppliers also learn to market their own living destination as an inbound/incoming supplier, and cater to such interested travellers.
    The Definite Difference
    What sets us apart, is Our decision to help travellers match their trip needs with suppliers and get the best possible deal without limitations, and with full transparency, where we reveal the suppliers full information. So no more Browsing hoping to get to that page, where you think you are contacting the local supplier and finding out the enquiry stays within the website you are using (for whatever reasons).


    We don’t have intention to trick the traveller into thinking “Yes your local expert will advise BUT  we be in-charge “:)

    You may think, well what about reliability of the local supplier and risks? Yes, of-course what is not risky in the world?,  ALL SUPPLIERS world-over are risky! that’s why we have Insurance! don’t we ? and lets not forget the REVIEWS. it helps travellers make wise and correct decisions.

    So now travellers can find a ONE market Place to Search and Book with Directly with real destination experts and enjoy the Holiday Savings!

    Category: Tour Operators

    We welcome all sectors of travel service providers to list with us. From museums tickets to tour guides to luxury tour operators. It’s easy, List your service and get discovered by travellers worldwide.

    Suppliers who offer a variety of Service are welcome to list on this site, example Accommodation & Rental agencies (no single property owners) tour providers, tickets, passes and other travel related services and products providers are allowed to list on this site. Our FAQ’s here for service providers will help you understand how to list and get direct traffic to your website or service by travellers. We do not stand between the supplier and the traveller.

    It is free to list or you can choose a suitable paid package option.

    Please see our free listings and Subscription options. 

    TripMatchMakers do not charge the traveller a booking fee or any commissions from the agents and as a result we only charge an annual fee from the supplier as stated above.

    Category: Tour Operators

    TripMatchMaker(s) is intended for sales professionals in tourism & Travels. Any Travel service supplier can list with TMM. There 04 Main types of service providing supplier who are legible to list with us.
    I.    Local or Specialised incoming/inbound tour Operators and travel agents
    II.   Accommodation and Villa Rental agent/suppliers
    III.  Local Guides, Private Guides, local tour guides and tourist site guides
    IV.   Other local travel/ tourist service providing suppliers/agents such as
        c) Day trip and excursions and small short day tour providers
        d) Tickets and services, such local airline ticking agents, museums tickets, concerts tickets suppliers, event’s organizers, sports events and tickets, theater tickets suppliers, musical tickets suppliers, Boat trip suppliers and host riding experiences etc., are just to give you an idea, (we would ask the suppliers to contact us before submitting a listing if you have any questions)


    As a advertiser of TMM you will receive unlimited access to all local suppliers, which if you are doing outbound travel experiences, you will find it interesting to have such a free access and it will save plenty of time in finding correct partners All over the world and to whatever travel related bookings you wish to make for your outbound travellers, so it a double-edged sword or with one stone you get 02 birds,  Direct travellers and suppliers who are looking for outbound specialist suppliers : the intention is to make TMM the largest touristic database of accommodation suppliers and travel organizers website. Advertisers will benefit with direct travellers approaching them for their services without commission or intermediary.

    Verification Process

    TMM, has Verified ID and traveller reviews of each supplier, and this is reliable, as only those who used the service of the particular service of the advertiser can write such reviews. No one fake will be able add such reviews, and if we find anyone is misusing, we will remove such profiles (of registered travel users and advertisers). Our System also checks the registered users as travellers, so not only the Advertisers. Owning a Verified ID shows that you’ve followed and completed a precise set of verification checks—profile photo, email address, phone number, offline Check and online check. Advertisers (suppliers) and travellers develop reliability and reputations by reviews, so we encourage travellers always write a review after completing the trip and this would help both the advertisers and other like-minded travellers to book with more practical knowledge and others experiences…

    Please see the table below before submitting a listing and to be found by travellers, it is made easy for Navigation purposes for travellers. listing Categories and Listing Tags are essential , and to get directed to your listing it is important you go through the table below. If you do not find your specialty , feel free to contact us anytime, and we will be happy to add your new service to a new listing category or listing tag, if required to do so.

    Listing Category Listing TAGS
    ·         Accommodations & Villa Rentals

    ·         Adventure & Outdoors trips

    ·         Beach Holidays, hotels & resorts

    ·         Beach sports & Water sports

    ·         Business traveller

    ·         Celebrations

    ·         Culture & Heritage trips

    ·         Educational Trips

    ·         Entertainment

    ·         Escorted journeys & excursions by land

    ·         Escorted journeys & excursions by sea

    ·         Escorted journeys& excursions by river

    ·         Escorted journeys & excursions by Air

    ·         Food & Wine trips

    ·         Luxury trips & Concierge Experiences

    ·         Media, Photography & Press

    ·         Nature and Wild life trips

    ·         Rail journeys

    ·         Rent a car & self-drives

    ·         Short & city Breaks

    ·         Special interests

    ·         Spiritual & Rejuvenation

    ·         Sports experiences & tickets

    ·         Sustainable holidays

    ·         Tailor-made holidays & trips

    ·         Ticket & Pass Service Suppliers

    ·         Winter holidays










    1.       4WD & Overland

    2.       Animal Conservation

    3.       Archaeological

    4.       Arctic & Antarctica

    5.       Art, Culture & Architecture

    6.       Ayurveda, Well-Being & Spa

    7.       Backpacking

    8.       Base jumping

    9.       Beach Hotels & Resorts

    10.   Beach Villas

    11.   Bear & Polar Bear Watching

    12.   Bird watching

    13.   Bungee jumping

    14.   Camper and Caravan holidays

    15.   Camping

    16.   Canoeing & Kayaking

    17.   Caving

    18.   Celebrations

    19.   Cooking and Culinary

    20.   Cross country skiing

    21.   Cruises

    22.   Cycling & Mountain Biking

    23.   Dance Experiences

    24.   Day tours and excursions

    25.   Desert Safaris

    26.   Digital Detox

    27.   Dolphin watching

    28.   Ecotourism

    29.   Everest Base Camp

    30.   Extreme sports

    31.   Family adventures

    32.   Family Beach Holidays

    33.   Festivals

    34.   Fitness

    35.   Foreign Languages

    36.   Formula 1 Races

    37.   Gambling and Casino

    38.   Gap year holidays

    39.   Glacier Hiking

    40.   Golf

    41.   Guided School trips

    42.   Handicraft trips

    43.   Helicopter Tours

    44.   History and Monuments

    45.   Horse Racing

    46.   Horseback ride, Ranches & Rides

    47.   Hot air balloon

    48.   Ice Skating holidays

    49.   Incoming Tour Operator

    50.   Jet ski

    51.   Last minute holidays

    52.   LGBT specialised

    53.   Local Tour Guides

    54.   Luxury beach holidays

    55.   Luxury Business Traveller

    56.   Luxury cruises

    57.   Luxury Villas

    58.   Marine conservation

    59.   Markets and Bazaars

    60.   Mountaineering

    61.   Museums

    62.   Music, Shows & Concerts

    63.   National Parks

    64.   Nightlife

    65.   Over 50

    66.   Parachute & Paragliding

    67.   Polo competitions

    68.   Private jet tours

    69.   Rafting and white water

    70.   Rail Journeys

    71.   Religious and Pilgrimage

    72.   Sailing & Parasailing

    73.   Scuba diving & Snorkelling

    74.   Shopping

    75.   Skiing & snowboarding

    76.   Sky diving

    77.   Snowshoeing & Winter Walking

    78.   Space and Astronomy

    79.   Special offers and Deals

    80.   Surfing

    81.   Swimming

    82.   Theme Parks

    83.   Vegetarian & Organic

    84.   VIP and Concierge

    85.   Volunteering & Charity

    86.   Wedding planners

    87.   Whale Watching

    88.   Wildlife Safari

    89.   Wind & Kitesurfing

    90.   Wine Tours

    91.   Yachting

    92.   Yoga & Meditation


    Category: Tour Operators

    Listings are for Suppliers who are a registered/licensed and the advertiser is a SPECIALIST of the advertising experience/s. All advertisers must be an inbound/incoming service providing supplier (its perfectly fine if you are engaged in an outbound travel service operation, however you must have an incoming travel service/department in your company), who has a physical address or office, unless you are a specialised supplier for Antarctica or Arctic or any such remote areas, where no specialised travel service providers exists, then you can list too. All advertiser should be registered or have a license to carry out business in their local country/destination. Advertisers must have their own website or strong convincing recommendations from some approved local or government bodies, and the recommendation will be decided on our own sole discretion. Advertisers can be any LOCAL specialised travel service providing operator, Guide (person) or any travel related provider such as who sells various travel related tickets/passes for tourists or providers who sells Ski passes or museum/concert/Grand-prix or football ticket selling suppliers or bodies.

    Category: Tour Operators

    If it is practical only, unfortunately there will be less luck in a traveller finding the foreign supplier as local destination expert as this website is designed in such away , where it only reveals the specialised Local service provider in the travelling destination or Local/nearby area. However if you have a local branch where it can show on the travelling destination then it could be useful. So we encourage incoming or inbound suppliers to list on TripMatchMakers website.  In the event you have listed as an outbound agent and have regrets then there will be no refunds for not noticing when submitting your payments.

    Category: Tour Operators

    No single property owners are allowed to list with TMM. If you are an accommodation provider/owner who provides/owns more than minimum 02 properties as an accommodation provider you are legible to list through TMM. Requests are received directly; negotiation is direct, without any commissions unlike large rental websites.

    Category: Tour Operators

    The Purpose of the website is to match travellers needs with right suppliers. So Yes! TTM cannot see or act as an intermediary in your negotiations or concluding business relationships. TTM is not part of the negotiations or dealings with the travellers. All negotiations take place directly with you through TTM communication Platform or direct through your own communication by email exchange with the travellers, or by other direct communication as telephone or mobile applications you or the traveller choose and use. This includes terms and conditions of the suppliers directly.

    Category: Tour Operators

    Absolutely no.You independently negotiate business with the Travellers. Please see our free listings and Subscription options, All further payments and conditions are yours and your traveler’s responsibilities.

    Category: Tour Operators

    If the advertiser finds the website is suitable for suppliers business, then the supplier must contact us and enquire about the suitability of the listings, this is important as any advertiser who assumes the service is matching on above mentioned criteria and then proceed to list without enquiring will have the risk of losing the listing, if the listing is not suitable for this site. If the advertiser has no doubt/s about the nature of his/her listing then the advertiser can follow the listing steps shown below on “How to list (steps), Edit and Manage your profile?”  and go ahead and complete their listing(s).

    Suppliers/Advertisers who proceeds without reading (or ignoring) the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and FAQ’s or Contacting us before submitting a listing must realise that if a paid subscriptions is taken and an online payment occurs (and when a listing needs our approval and in the event if TMM does not approve in the sole discretion of the TripMatchMakers) the listing for any or no reason due the suitability or nor suitability, then there will be no refunds made in the event the listing is a paid. Therefore all advertisers who list must carefully proceed to listing and Contact us before listing, to find out about the suitability of their service before listing on TMM website.

    Category: Tour Operators

    It is FREE to list or you can choose a suitable paid package option.

    Please see our free listings and Subscription options. After payment of subscription fees you have no further costs.

    Category: Tour Operators

    Other than your Free listing, Your subscription (listing/advertisement) are valid for 12 month (one Calendar Year), However one time payment for longer period such as 24 months, 36 months or 48 months are accepted with a discount depending on the duration of time you have chosen. It starts from the day when you have made your subscription payment.

    Please Contact our support team for longer period of listings and discounts.

    Category: Tour Operators

    Yes. If requested, we will issue the invoice with listed tax details and all other elements necessary for tax refund. It depends on the tax policy of certain countries from which the payments are made.

    Category: Tour Operators

    A) Click “Add your listing” on the top right hand side of TripMatchMakers website

    B) After arriving on the listing page, you will see a listing form (after choosing which type of Subscription you want, Unless its Open and Valid for the free promotions, where you do not need to arrange payments). You will see Listing name, where you will have to enter your company Name or product selling name, make sure it is your business name (registered) and if you are a Guide your full name.

    C) You will next see “TAG LINE”, which is very important as it displays on the General Listing card (example when you search a destination and/or an experience the main page where it shows listings applicable to the search) the Highlights of your service. Which enables travellers to know in short sentences your specialised service or products. (Example “Your Villa Specialist in Bahamas”, “ bespoke wine tasting and tours in Napha”, Your Antarctic cruise specialist”, Day excursion tours in Cambodia” Vietnam accommodation agency” or Bicycle rentals in Amsterdam” Ski pass suppliers for Skiing in Swiss alps” )

    D) Description is next, here you should write  and describe yourself and services, with one (01) or two (02) lines/sentence, about the Nature of business and its practices. Service providers/advertiser/Agencies must understand that traveller look for specific travel needs, and the service providers should list only there top specialisation services and products.

    Introduction to your services
    It is very important how you describe your service and products. Please take your time to explain your services and products carefully and accurately. And try to keep the introduction professional and to the point. write a line or two(02) about a very short history of your existences and experience. Travellers may not take time to read lengthy stories, of course the articulate and well written description always stands out and has a good possibility of grabbing the attention of the travellers, as a direct result getting more traffic to your contacts or website.
    It is useful to inform the traveller exactly what to expect when using your service/s, so please list the facilities of service or products. You can also give a small introduction to other extra services you offer in relating to the experience they choose. Example if you are a Villa rental agency (Villa Owners or property owners cannot list here for one single property they have, Minimum of 02 properties) , the traveller maybe interested to know if he/she can book a car or taxi or a day excursion with you or if you know someone who is reliable that can be arranged.

    Also you are most welcome to leave reference from trusted third-party travel related website or any other links that recommends you services from other travellers, all links should be appropriate.

    If you already have TMM driven traffic and reviews on TMM websites (under your listing you will see a review section of your company/yourself.) it would give you a better visibility…however as a new comer this may take a bit of time, so having third party trustworthy link can be an advantage, All third party links should be directly relating to your services and inappropriate links will be removed, and as result of such practices the advertiser may risks losing his/her/its listings without any refunds.

    Please make sure your website address and contact details are given correctly and how they work.

    State your terms and conditions on your  OWN website covering all aspects of the service(s) and product(s) you offer, most travellers are interested to know your terms and conditions and how you work in times of Cancellations/Changes to the booked experiences, disputes, trouble and unexpected situations. If you need help in these please feel free to Contact us. We can guide you with some advice on how to put up a local fair condition policy, and our team will be happy to assist you in setting time to talk to you on Skype, telephone or other form if audible conversation.

    Pricing, Response time and availability
    Depending on what your selling products and services, it is important to give the traveller an idea. If your service or product is ready to be sold without any changes (such as fixed Tours where you have room allotments with all hotels you provide or Museums tickets), then you can give an idea of pricing and the availability. This would change from the nature of your service and product, or you can advise them to check your website for the latest prices and contact you to check availability, please advise how soon you can act on confirming availability (example minimum hours to book an experience example 24 hours or 14 days prior or as your own rule) and if prices need change (such as the tour price is only for Guidance purpose and depending on the hotels and availability price changes occurs, same applies for tailor-made experiences) what’s the realistic time they should expect to have it form you (a holiday quote). Giving a clear picture/idea of how you work as it will help the travellers to write good reviews and in return your business can boost.

    Incase if your service is more tailor-made then please give a guidance price range such as FROM US$ xxx to US$ xxxx, so the traveller saves time in picking the appropriate budget suppliers. Try not say “contact us for prices”, most likely the traveller will not contact you at all. Giving a Guidance “FROM-TO” prices will save advertisers and travellers time immensely.

    If you have website (depending on your service) and a calendar up to date of availability, especially for accommodation and rental service providers, this would help the traveller to get real time availability and book.

    If you have online payment facilitates such as PayPal and credit card facilities feel free to write on this. Please advise that in these situations the payment gateway itself is responsible if the funds do not arrive and the traveller is responsible for his own payments and for using third party supplier gateways. Also if using credit card facilities there occurs extra commissions and charges, then it is best to give the traveller an idea what percentages or commissions the customers can pay….also to boost business it is essential you give the traveller an advise if they can pay Full or part of the holiday trip on arrival at your destination/country. This would build trust with the travellers, of course if some of your local suppliers need advance payments, we would advise you to negotiate with the suppliers and if possible to have on arrival payment option or at least part of the holiday fees, we know this is not always possible but having some peace of mind payment policy will boost business for sure.

    Better Prices, Deals and Special offers
    The Goal of this website is to offer the traveller a good holiday price, and to be able make the traveller realise booking with the local Supplier directly (we mean really directly with no middle man) brings the cost of their holiday lower.

    It is also important to realise the traveller’s expectation when you are contacted directly without any intermediate suppliers. Travellers seek to have a better price for their holiday experiences (without TMM or any intermediate suppliers), so Offer discounts, special offers, early bird deals, last minute offers and free nights, in this way you will drive more clients to yourself. This could be also a free massage, free dinner on the beach or a free excursions or ticket to some experience.

    Ofcourse this only applies for Holiday experiences and not for passes or tickets, however if such ticket/pass/guide service suppliers are able to offer even a small discount , then we welcome them to mention of possible discounts, such GROUP DISCOUNTS etc.

    It is also important to realise the traveller’s expectation when you are contacted directly without any intermediate suppliers. Travellers seek to have a better price for their holiday experiences (without TMM or any intermediate suppliers), so Offer discounts, special offers, early bird deals, last minute offers and free nights, in this way you will drive more clients to yourself. This could be also a free massage, free dinner on the beach or a free excursions or ticket to some experience.

    E) Listing category & Listing Tags
    It’s very important the advertiser understands how the website work and how it only displays the specialised service or product. So if you want be on top searches then you have to make sure the listing categories and listing Tags are picked accurately, they are not just ICONS.

    If the advertiser is specialised in few different service and Products, then the advertiser is advised to choose a basic listing.

    Please see more on  our listing package options.
    Please make use of this tool or feel free to Contact us when listing or after listing, and our team will be happy help you out.

    F) Location
    It is Very important you state you address correctly. Your Registered Business address should be written correctly, as the website supports Google Maps, it helps are travellers to find direction to find the advertiser.

    The website also has a very interactive Map where listings are shown and travellers who visit the website can easily navigate to a specific service provider/s with the use and help of the map. If your address and location is pinned correctly there stand s a better possibility to be visible on searches. So make sure you NAIL your addresses on the MAP correctly.

    G) Gallery Images and Videos on a listing
    Images on the listing of TripMatchMakers website
    They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and we believe images are influential to grasp the imagination of the travellers. So we expect the images in your listing Gallery to be simply breath-taking, Beautiful or eye catching, highlighting, and true of the service you offer and they don’t misrepresent the experience or Accommodations(s). Any misrepresentation of the service or using of copy righted images may cause of losing the listing at our own discretion without any refunds.

    An advertiser can have maximum of limited number of images according to listing plan they have chosen. See add your listing, and each image should be 1200 (Width) x 900 (Height) pixels. Yet if the submitted image is not of good clarity, we reserve the right to remove and advise you to provide us with excellent images in order to keep the TMM website of good quality.

    In the event we notice you have added more images than you ought to list, we will request you select what fits your subscription package and to remove images.

    All listing will take approximately 2 to 7 days at our own discretion.

    All images should be of High Quality, to be approved, and yes if the images are very poor quality, we will not approve any listing and you agree if you do not make effort to resolve this issue before given date (Usually 21 days from the date of submission) by TMM, your listing may be removed without any refunds at our own discretion. So before authorising any payments online you may check with us about the quality of your images and on our approval you can proceed to submit your listing.

    Images on advertisers Own site
    Images on advertiser’s site should also match with at least 2 or more images that will be listed on TMM website. We prefer if the advertiser is able to prove the images are from the supplier/advertiser and is has not breached any copy rights. Please see our terms of use.

    We suggest you use professional photographers to offer you this services in your area ot you are a good photographer, then that would be fine too.

    Video on TMM listing

    Please check all are Subscription Packages before submitting a listing and what benefits you have.

    By listing you grant TMM and its affiliates the ability to copyright and protect the images available via your Listing from the unauthorized use by unaffiliated third parties who may attempt to use such images. We are not responsible for any infringement or violation of laws resulting from content supplied by any advertiser/s and each Advertiser/supplier will indemnify and hold harmless TripMatchMaker against any action brought for breach of copyright or other rights from the use of such content. You agree that we may reproduce in whole or in part any photographic material supplied by you in the promotion of your service and property or the promotion of the Website.

    Hours of Operation
    Offer your operations time, you can state the days you are open and times and write available hours and times.

    Offer your contact number and/or Mobile number(s) , We let the traveller see all your numbers.

    Write your website address correctly and if you don’t have a Website leave it Blank, We would like everyone to have a website as it shows the traveller the direct contact details of the advertiser, and it brings traffic straight to the suppliers’ website.

    Twitter username
    If you have a twitter account, it would ideal state your twitter name so you can generate more followers.

    Submitting the listing for approval
    Once the listing is complete you can see how a preview looks like by clicking on Preview, then if you think the Preview is looking satisfactory, you can see on the right hand side of the bottom there are 02 buttons to click. 1st one Says Submit listing the 2nd Edit listing, Chose what you prefer, if nothing to change then you proceed to submit listing by clicking on the button. Once submitted we will inform you about approval of your listing. If you are having issues with the listings and if you are unable to see a preview clearly or upload images, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

    Category: Tour Operators

    All listings with TMM should match the content on the website. Before a listing is approved we will go through the images and the content, and then contact you if images are of poor quality, we would like the TMM website to look good and also having good images gives the traveller a good feeling to take part in your services.  (Please see Terms of Use, an under Advertisers/Suppliers conditions, Accuracy of listings for more information.)

    TMM, reserves the right to remove or suspend any listing that in our own discretion we find inappropriate for whatever and any reason.  In terms of accuracy on content and image appeals we will get in touch with you to assist you to display a better listing quality.


    Category: Tour Operators

    Advertisers, before making a listing should have a better understanding on how Listing Categories and listings Tags works  and Please see available listing packages.

    If you are unsure how to list and choose your services, Please contact us. We will be happy to discuss and support you make the best of your listing(s).

    Category: Tour Operators

    Please see our listing Packages to have a better understanding of the way you can list.

    If the advertiser tries to add more listing categories and listing tags, than the allowed numbers in a listing, we will contact and request you to limit this or we will ask you what you really want to show, and then advise you accordingly to edit your account or if you don’ t understand this, we may at times assist you in editing your account. if you have any questions Please Contact us before submitting and paying for your listings.

    If you have taken the premium listing package, which includes 03 listings , and if you wish to have more, then it is best you Contact us, our team will take time to understand your request and see if we can come up with something suitable or suggest you a discount depending totally on the number of listings (valid only for those booking other than the premium package) you wish to have and offer a Special discount.

    Category: Tour Operators

    Yes , You have discounts if you are taking more than one listing.

    Please see our Subscription Options.

    We will be happy to offer discounts further discounts if you have taken a premium subscription plan.

    Please Contact Us for Discounts if you have already or if you are taking any additional listings other than a premium subscription.

    Having more than one listing helps your services to be more visible in the searches for travellers (select you listing categories and listing Tags carefully, and if you need help we will be happy to assist you)

    if you are taking more the premium listing package or if you wish to take a listing valid for more than 12 months ( One calendar year), Please Contact Us to discuss a Special discount.

    Category: Tour Operators


    All advertisers when submitting a listing can either add to their Image Gallery an Image of the example of the Holiday confirmation and/or an example of the invoice/pro-forma invoice which they will offer the traveller as an image (take a picture) of sample invoice and a “holiday confirmation Letter” which you will offer your traveller. It’s very important we have this in order to verify a review(s). Especially for those travellers who attempt to write reviews as non-registered reviews and to protect suppliers from false and misleading reviews. In the event advertiser fail to produce a sample holiday confirmation image and sample invoice/pro-forma invoice, the advertiser stands the risks of the misleading or false review been published  on their listings. Once a listing is approved and published it will not be able to remove such reviews. So we advise the suppliers take caution.

    Category: Tour Operators

    By using the website and its services you agree to follow All our terms and conditions, FAQ’s and privacy policy, which can be found in the following links.

    1. Terms of Use
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    Category: Tour Operators

    Other the than the FREE listing Package, TMM offers 03 types of subscriptions (Easy Listing Package, Pro Listing Package and Premium Listing Package) depending on the preferred services from TMM and level of visibility.

    The details of the Listing/advertising subscriptions can be found on the subscription page with their rates and the benefits.


    Category: Tour Operators

    This depends what payment options are available with you (advertiser/Supplier). We act only as a referral service provider, we neither accept payments on behalf of the clients nor transfer any payments on for the for the service providers (Advertiser) as a usual practice. All Payments must be dealt directly with the service providing suppliers as per your own terms and conditions. However, we may offer an online payment platform in the near future, giving you the ability to make online payments to Advertisers via PayPal, credit card, debit card or other payment options. We may change or remove such platform at any time without notice in our sole discretion. Though we may provide the technical platform to allow such payments, we are not responsible for the payment solutions themselves and we still are not a party to the contract between the traveller and the Advertiser. It is Necessary, the Supplier must advise the traveller to take insurance cover on deposits, holiday monies and full Holiday. If traveller needs customer support in relation to an online payment, the advertiser/supplier must advise the Traveller to contact such online payment solution providing body(ies) or Gateways or bank or credit card provider (as appropriate).

    The Advertiser agrees to indemnify and keep us indemnified from and against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees) suffered or incurred by us arising out of or in connection with the travellers use of our online payment platform to make payments to Advertisers, in particular any claims from travellers, Master, VISA, PayPal or other payment solution providers resulting from your actions or omissions.

    Payments between Advertisers and travellers: We are not a party for any payment transaction between Advertisers and travellers, even if you had to use our payment gateway and we may charge a fee for the use of the gateway in connection with any payment transaction.  As a rule for safety No advertiser may request any traveller to post cash, or use any quick cash wire transaction services, Example Western Union or MoneyGram in payment for all or part of a Holiday/trip/tour and rentals. Any abuse of this term or any other improper payment methods that may be posted on the Site may result in the immediate removal of the non-compliant listing from the Site without notice to the advertiser and without refund.  As we monitor closely our website activities, we may become aware of users trying to conduct a transaction that would involve an illegal payment method or a fake payment method.  Preferably, we hope to be able to assist users in avoiding such fake transactions, but we assume no obligation or responsibility to do so or to inform users of any such real or alleged activity

    We recommend the Advertiser offers a Local Bank account in the name of the business and advise bank transfers, wired transfer or if the supplier has trusted gateway online payment system, then to advise travellers to pay on such than any other above mentioned unaccepted payment method.

    Category: Tour Operators

    i. Deal direct (T&C’s of the Supplier) or Contact the advertiser
    This method is the most recommended, as we are not destination experts, we encourage Travellers to email, telephone or chat on any options the advertiser has listed. This saves lots of time and money too. Travellers see the ideal service providing supplier (Advertiser) and contact directly and books and pays direct to advertiser as per the Advertisers terms and conditions and Privacy policies. If a Positive review is written by a traveller we will allow the review to be shown on the suppliers listing. However, if a suspecting (in our own discretion) , bad, sign of a false review, bad mouthing or trying to accuse of a supplier without booking or similar review is written, We will then take action by contacting the supplier to clarify if an an actual holiday took place(meaning booked and Paid), then we will contact the Traveller and request to send us proof of a holiday confirmation  and/or invoice (which when advertiser start a listing should submit), where we will match with the provided samples we have from the suppliers, (in case the the suppliers holiday confirmation/invoice format changes , suppliers should immediately submit us such changed formats, failing to submit stands a chance of allowing the bad reviews to be published), and if it matches we allow the bad or suspecting review, and if it doesn’t we simply disallow the review.

    This will decide the Validity of the Booking, then if all matches we allow an unregistered user to write a review, and become a valid review. This method we do not collect any payments or charge the traveller or charge any commissions from the Advertiser/supplier, and we expect the advertiser to offer the best Price as there won’t be any middle agent/person. For the Travellers Peace of mind, we’ve added reporting features so you can easily notify us if you ever feel uncomfortable when dealing directly and during the planning stage of your trip if anything unpleasant is happening. We will be forced to remove any form of harassment from such advertisers without any refunds.

    ii. Deal through TMM communication plat form (T&C’s of the Supplier and our term of use and conditions)
    This relies more on our messaging system that ensures that communication between Advertisers (Suppliers) and travellers or potential Travellers stays on TMM website (even though all contacts of the suppliers will be shown as it is on the 1st option). The main reason for selecting thin is option is, the traveller feel protected from giving their personal contacts such as email, telephone numbers etc. travellers contact information remains private (as the traveller choose not to reveal his/her contact information, until a booking is confirmed for security and safety reasons) until the traveller have a confirmed reservation. After confirming the booking, the traveller can disclose contact information and it will be necessary for the traveller to deal directly with the supplier, However in this option if any traveller booked a holiday/trip, they automatically gain right to (as a registered users) write a review without TMM having to reconfirm with advertisers, as we will have access to your communication (provided the traveller only used the TMM plat form, and if any outside communication had taken place, then we may require additional proof).However in the event we have a doubt that there was only communication occurred and nothing was actually booked with supplier, then travellers are not allowed to write reviews. This will be decided solely on our own discretion.

    Category: Tour Operators

    TMM will issue a new password that will allow the same access as the previous old one.

    Category: Tour Operators

    TMM does not guarantee that your listing will appear in any specific order in search results on the Site. Search order will vary based on different factors such as search parameters, listing quality, subscription level, how frequently the listing is updated, Key words set on Listing Category and order of Listing Tags selected by the traveller, as well as other factors that TMM may consider important to the user experience from time to time.

    Listing appearance or order in any specific search result may also vary depending on the search criteria used by the specific traveller. TMM reserves the right to apply various search algorithms or to use methods to improve results for particular travellers’ experiences and the overall website. Search results and sort order may appear different on TMM’s mobile application than they appear on the Site. In order to optimise the search experience for both members and travellers, TMM holds the right to run random tests that will be limited in duration but may change how we display search results and subscription levels.

    Category: Tour Operators

    Whether it is a Registered User (traveller) or a non-registered user (traveller), has the right to leave a review, after completing an experience. The Traveller reserves all the right to leave a review regarding the trip experience(s) regarding the suppliers. This can be good or bad, depending how the traveller experienced a service. All the reviews on TMM are written by  travellers from our community, so any review you see is based on a actual experience the traveller had.

    Star ratings

    In addition to written reviews, the travellers who experienced a service can submit a star rating and a set of category star rating. The number of stars displayed at the top of the review area is an aggregate of the primary scores guests have given for that listing.

    Can I reply to a review?

    Yes. You can post your response directly below the review on your profile (and your TMM listing if you’re an advertiser). Find the review you’d like to respond to and Leave a Response.

    Category: Tour Operators

    No. This is a listing website, where you divert the traffic into your own website and it does not require for you to list all properties, service and products.

    However depending on your type of Subscriptions/listing you will be able to choose your potential visibility. As we are not a listing agent who earns on commissions, all information about the suppliers will be shown in your listing.


    Category: Tour Operators

    a) Full Transparency of the advertiser/suppliers
    Yes , That’s true. We don’t say that travellers book with direct suppliers and then be engaged in some secretive trap as an intermediate and not reveal the contact details of the suppliers. Travellers have full transparency of the supplier’s information such website, emails, contact numbers and twitter etc. And they decide to get in touch with you and book directly with any involvement from TTM.

    b) Negotiating directly with the Travellers
    Suppliers after receiving an enquiry as their full freedom to deal with travellers. Suppliers have full negotiation power directly with travellers and find a fair way to handle an enquiry and make booking. TMM is an online service that allows Suppliers to directly accept booking without any strings attached in a communication and dealing.

    c) No commissions and Booking fees
    We charge No commission(s) from the Suppliers or Booking fees from the Travellers. As a result Suppliers have responsibility to be able to offer good prices for travellers without having the pressure from overseas agents or to be bound by any limitations.

    d) Save Communication time and speedy booking process
    TMM is also the quickest and the easiest way to enquire and book. As there are no intermediate communication involved, Suppliers with respect to the travellers decision has freedom act quickly and have a direct answer from the travellers.

    e) Affordable listing cost & free Limited promotional offers
    As per the set dates, it is free to list , However if the Advertiser chooses an Easy listing (basic) Subscription option a small listing fee of USD 4, 16 per month, which should be paid as an annual listing fee of USD 50 at once (isn’t that better you don’t have to pay commission to mediating suppliers?).  Please see other All options of subscriptions before you list.

    f) Verified Review System
    Not all potential travellers can post reviews. Reviews are checked and only those travellers actually Booked and paid an experience with a Supplier is allowed to write a review, We verify with Suppliers if traveller actually booked an experience by our verification process , as stated on this FAQ’s. If you don’t find it, feel free to ask us, to have a peace of mind.

    g) Subscription options and personalised assistance
    Depending on the Subscription, various listing advantages and personalised assistance from TMM to suppliers on how to list and have better visibility on searches. Please check the type of Subscriptions/listing available.

    h) Direct traffic to the advertiser website
    As we make every effort to improve our own website/search Rankings on search engines (SEO’s), spending a lot on advertisements etc., we also bring travellers through TMM website directly to the suppliers website, and as a result of having extra clicks to your website, you automatically Generate a better search engine rank on leading search website(s).

    i) New Business Opportunities through Networking
    TMM website has other indirect benefits. Yes take a moment to think through this, When you are special local supplier and having good reviews on prices and services and other extras you provide, there are also suppliers who are not only specialised in their own destinations but also provide outbound travels. So inbound suppliers have a Huge benefit from booking travellers reviews where good reviews exists, the better chance of been contacted by other outbound suppliers worldwide who are already members or non-members, where you make new partnerships because of the services you offer. This would no doubt give better business opportunities to suppliers, from Ticket providers to large travel providers. Basically any outbound supplier has an ocean to jump with reviews how the performances of a local supplier is and price factors and determine to change existing partners as trust has been built through the review system.

    Category: Tour Operators

    You deal directly with Travellers and it is important that your service or product is bound by a written terms and condition, Privacy Policy and other set of rules etc. Most importantly, it would be good if you have written agreements and ask the traveller to sign a Booking Form when confirming the experiences, while this may not be suitable for certain service like buying a concert ticket or ski pass, still it is important to inform the clients of your Terms and Conditions.

    It is also important to realise the travellers’ expectations when you are contacted directly without any intermediate suppliers. Travellers seek to have a better price  for their holiday experiences (without TMM or any intermediate suppliers), so Offer discounts, special offers, early bird deals, last minute offers and free nights, in this way you will drive more clients to yourself. This could be also a free massage, free dinner on the beach, something unique and special.

    Category: Tour Operators

    You have control of the listing: editing, changing/adding pictures (within the limits of your package subscription), as stated above on how to list. You do not have control if your boundaries are not respected, such as if you attempt to include more images or lengthy videos, or if you want to add more listing categories and listing tags than what we have requested that matches your subscription. 

    Please note that your submission has to be first reviewed by us in order to check that your listing is respecting the set rules of your chosen package.

    Regarding reviews, they are controlled for the benefit of the traveller and advertiser alike. You must follow these rules and if you are unsure, you must contact us before writing a review.


    Category: Tour Operators

    Yes. Advertisers take full responsibility of showing links to other parties, however we will be checking time to time if any unrelated links are submitted by suppliers, In our own discretion, if we find links that do not support/help travellers or unsuitable links, such promoting products that do not match our website content or our service(s), we reserve the right to remove such listings/edit/modify or take any suitable action to remove advertiser from using the TMM website or its services without notice for any or no reasons, without any refunds whatsoever.

    Category: Tour Operators

    It is possible to change the listing package only if the change of subscription occurs within a maximum of 21 days. Failing do to it within this period, you will have to submit your new listing on a full paid subscriptions value. So if you have taken the Basic Subscription for USD 50 per year, and realise or you change your mind to upgrade to PRO or PREMIUM, then you can pay the difference (balance) within the 21 days. After having enquired from TMM and after we have approved, we will give you a set date to finish the transition payments, should credit to our account on or before the set date.

    In case, after 21 days you decide to upgrade your subscription, a full payment is due for the new subscriptions and there will be no refunds if you decide to cancel or remove  your basic listing.

    Category: Tour Operators

    In case you encounter a problem or have further questions please contact us on the following emails:

    [email protected] – email contact for questions in regards to site,

    [email protected] – email contact for questions in regards to payment or account,

    or via our online contact form.

    All questions will be answered within 24 to 72 hours.

    Category: Tour Operators

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