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Medieval History in the Languedoc-Roussillon

History Tours in France | Languedoc-Roussillon.

Specialised local tour operator about Medieval and Cathar History

If you are passionate about Medieval History, do not look further! You have found the right tour operator in France.

We provide authentic high quality historic tours of the castles and abbeys of this beautiful unspoiled region of rural France. Historic tours served with the best that the Languedoc has to offer today.

Our unique selling point is that our tours cover historical information in much greater breadth and depth than any other source, and are founded on primary sources. Tours include guided visits to “Cathar Castles” and other Cathar related sites, informal illustrated lectures and talks on Catharism, Cathar beliefs and practices, the concept of heresy, Medieval warfare and the Albigensian Crusade, along with the history of the “Pays Cathare” – Cathar Country.

Talks also cover the ancient culture of the area including the role of the medieval Counts of Toulouse and the medieval Inquisition. You can also learn about the local language, Occitan, the first post-classical literary language of Europe, spoken throughout Occitania. (Occitan was the language of the troubadours and the first language of Richard the Lionheart).

Tailor Made Tours, with a primary focus on History of Cathars

Tours can be tailor made according to your needs, from one day excursions to one week tours. We also provide horse riding tours and “advanced tours”.

Advanced Historic Tours are for academics, experts and aficionados who already have an in-depth knowledge of Cathar history, including those who have already attended the “Original” one week tour.

Languages Spoken: English and French

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