1. All Experiences are crafted by the local experts who are on the site

Who else knows the local spots but the locals themselves? As a traveller knows, the best insider insights to any travel experience comes from a local: then you can travel with a peace of mind, knowing you will be welcomed by a local specialist who will be able to guide you to the best experience you can think of.

2. Share each other’s life

Travellers will not only deal with local suppliers, but also get to share their lives with locals and get to know locals life, experiences, journey, home, those magical moments. Having a spirit of generosity and sharing it abundantly helps the world of travel to be a better place.

3. Planning with locals

It will be a total different experience if you have only done your planning with your own country suppliers. Connection to local suppliers means that there might be barriers to cross: language and communication is a Key aspect of it. However, most suppliers in the trade of tourism are able to speak English or another common vast spoken language of the world. Instead of seeing it as difficulty, if you have an approach where you think it is “interesting to have this experience”, then the trip planning process should not be difficult at all.Planning with a local supplier also gives flexibility unlike trip planners in your own country where they most likely tend to sell trips on fixed packages and dates with having NO or limited possibility for changes of the experiences (and often having to pay for all these changes). With the local suppliers there is higher chance of flexibility.

4. Verified suppliers

All suppliers go through a verification process, as well as their reviews: only real travellers are allowed to review. As the site grows, we intend to have suppliers reviewed by real travellers: reviews itself will be the strong point where traveller can find more information about their booking experience for insight by travellers and tips.

5. Local specialities

Only locals are able to in the last minute provide such instant surprises and VIP services. They will know the inside contact where to grab a special seat or special deal.

6. Transparency of Suppliers

We do not charge a Commission from any of listed suppliers or booking fees from travellers, and neither do we say we have special handpicked suppliers we review and accept to convince travellers: we let the traveller decide this by the way of our website is designed. There is full transparency of whom you are dealing with and the reviews to back them up.

7. Guaranteed Savings and competitive Market Value

As a result of the full transparency and having no hidden catches, travellers are guaranteed to enjoy large travel savings by having no intermediates. No matter which large travel Website says it has the best lowest price, there is always the small hitch, when an intermediate stands in between without being straight about the intermediates commissions.

8. Giving the traveller potential to negotiate.

Whether it is negotiating on the terms and conditions, price or payments schedules or anything or plans, there is a full flexibility power where the traveller can negotiate with the local supplier, instead of being tied to a fixed package.

9. Real time support from Supplier (Save communication time)

Suppliers are able to communicate faster, than you have to wait to hear from your intermediate supplier. And if you have any questions you can email us and we are here to help.

10. Easy to use

All of the above only makes things easier to enjoy an experience in an affordable manner. Tripmatchmaker wants this website to be helpful for travellers to find whatever the experience they want and book it directly with the local suppliers. Our website is designed with flexibility and with a highly user-friendly touch, where we want to help the traveller find their experiences with less time as possible, easy to navigate Listing TAGS and Listing Categories are visible with ICONS:you can click on all of them and explore exactly what you are looking for and where you are looking for. We also welcome suggestions from suppliers and are open to new ideas to make this website even more user-friendly to our travellers. We welcome ideas from travellers and Suppliers and we wish to fulfil them in the best possible way.

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