What about the Existence, contact details and License of the supplier and how to meet or find them?

Yes as we mentioned here on the FAQ’s, it is the traveler’s responsibility to request all information before booking anything with supplier. Ask the supplier for other online valid references and license, Business registrations and any other information before booking, ask practical information such as where is the office, whom the traveller has to meet on arrival, the place to meet, the time to meet, the contact telephone/mobile/email addresses of the person to meet, full names, ID Card numbers/Passport Numbers, scan copy of their Business registrations and/if tourist board license, guide License, business address and cross check with the relevant government bodies by calling or emailing them if they actually are registered/licensed, if you need further proof. Once this is sorted you should have a peace of mind before travelling and paying.

Ask, also the Supplier for information about Police, Legal assistance information, Tourist board or tourist Police information, and ask also the suppliers for terms and condition of the suppliers as advise here on FAQs in detail.

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