What if I can’t find what I’m looking for? Is there any help I can have from TMM?

It is quite possible in the beginning when the site is launched you will not find everything what you are looking for, this could be for different reasons, from Practical reasons to shortage of specific service providing suppliers and destination differences.

We would ask the traveller to be practical in your search, if you wish to do Base jumping in Bahamas then it would quite an impractical search, and if you are looking for Antarctic Holidays then make sure your search is pointed correctly to listings Tags and Listing categories. Check if you have filtered with proper listing TAGS and listing CATEGORIES or if you had put too many filters, we suggest you make your search on Location, Listing category and listing tags order.

The other main reason, you won’t find some experience is, some service providers have not listed an experience(s) in a particular destination, example maybe you are looking for round tour of Sri Lanka and there when you search it can may show no results, this means no service providing suppliers from Sri Lanka who does a round tour has listed yet with us. And it is also possible if you are looking for wine tasting tour in Sri Lanka, then you will not find any supplier listed a wine touring experience in Sri Lanka for practical reasons, there is no such service providing suppliers exists in Sri Lanka. However, if you are looking for practically correct holiday experience in a destination for this example let’s take Sri Lanka, and you find no supplier (The relevant destination suppliers have not discovered this venue to list yet), then if you need any help from TMM to find some supplier, we are not able to provide such connecting services. However, if a traffic is high to one destination we would be encouraging such destination experts to join us in offering our travellers their service.

The website works in practical way, where it only tries to display what’s listed, so if you are looking for specific destination and if you find the destination search did not display anything in your search, it is likely not even one service provider has listed their service with TMM,  However the very moment, at least service provider lists the destination, it will display the option/s that is available.

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