Do Suppliers have to pay for services such as hotels, transports and entrance fees and tickets before a traveller arrives?

This depends on the type of service and products. There are some services such as booking a holiday on the beach or a tour, where you may need to pay in advance to the local suppliers, and there may be small experiences where you should be able to reserve in advance and pay later when you show up or book online directly, depending if the suppliers website had online payment gateway.In the event you are booking tour in a foreign country you may need to pay a deposit (as suppliers in their own country may risk if booking service with their own local suppliers and if a cancellation occurs) to avoid such risks for hotels and other travel related services supplier may charge a deposit , Please check with each suppliers cancellation/change policies and refund rules in case of cancellations/changes by you and or by them, in the suppliers terms and conditions.  It is always advisable to see if payments partly can be settled nearing your trip or on arrival or even after.

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