If the Advertiser decides TMM is suitable for listing, then how can the supplier start listing? (Sign up/add listing)

If the advertiser finds the website is suitable for suppliers business, then the supplier must contact us and enquire about the suitability of the listings, this is important as any advertiser who assumes the service is matching on above mentioned criteria and then proceed to list without enquiring will have the risk of losing the listing, if the listing is not suitable for this site. If the advertiser has no doubt/s about the nature of his/her listing then the advertiser can follow the listing steps shown below on “How to list (steps), Edit and Manage your profile?”  and go ahead and complete their listing(s).

Suppliers/Advertisers who proceeds without reading (or ignoring) the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and FAQ’s or Contacting us before submitting a listing must realise that if a paid subscriptions is taken and an online payment occurs (and when a listing needs our approval and in the event if TMM does not approve in the sole discretion of the TripMatchMakers) the listing for any or no reason due the suitability or nor suitability, then there will be no refunds made in the event the listing is a paid. Therefore all advertisers who list must carefully proceed to listing and Contact us before listing, to find out about the suitability of their service before listing on TMM website.

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