How does it work?
Its very simple, you search the destination or experience(s) you prefer to discover or the activities you wish do. Find your local specialists and  book directly  (No intermediary, mediator, merchant, Dealer or a middle man involvement) with the suppliers. We let you deal directly with your own choice of supplier, with the suppliers own Terms and conditions.

Search & Contact Service Provider

On the home page of TripMatchMaker , you will see 02 search bars, one asking “what are you looking for?” and the other asking “Location”,  you can chose how to find what you are looking for and where you are looking for.

And if you are not sure where to go, you can search only the experience you wish, and the on the next page see (All listings) which destinations are offering this experience. Also you can just pick your destination and see what’s available in each place. After selecting either by searching Destination or your preferred experience, You’ll be taken to All listings where you can search by type of Experience and to narrow your search use the available Category and TAG options (you can use few tags to see only what you want), and if you wish to use Location then on the MAP you’ll see a search by where you can search also the location options.

Once you have done the search then you can see all the profiles of Service Provider

(advertiser/Supplier or the listings), with their contacts and images etc…and see the specialisation of each Service Provider and if they have a website then you can click and go straight to the Service Providers website and read each suppliers terms and conditions, and gather information on how to book direct with the Service Provider. If you like what is on the website, you can get in touch with Service Provider through the website or from TMM contact information of the supplier or even through a TMM contact Plat form.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, then feel free to contact us. We would be happy to know whats missing and to take immediate action to add such missing Categories and tags.


The map is another tool to use for your search, Once you have entered the category area where it shows either all listings or some specific kind of listing you have chosen, there is Map on your right hand side, and you will see Location search bar, this will help you narrow down to the destination suppliers you are looking for and with the Tags (where it says filter by Tags) you can narrow down your search even more until you find what you are looking for.

How to Book?
There are a different ways to Book, each service provider has its own terms and conditions, so it is important you read each suppliers terms and conditions from their website, brochures, or request each service provider for their own terms and conditions. Once you have read the relevant terms and conditions of the supplier, and are happy, then you can go ahead and book with the supplier. In-case they don’t have terms and conditions or you don’t find the existing conditions appealing,  then it is safer not to book with any such suppliers. Unlike in the developed countries some destinations have no or very poor terms and conditions, however if you want to book something you like it is important you discuss these with emails (as a proof) , and keep recordings of phone conversations on serious points you may discuss before you book.

After reaching to peaceful agreement or you consent to the service provider’s terms and conditions, then you can go ahead and book your experience/s.
If you are booking an instant ready-made experience then seek advice from the supplier how you can pay. And if it is a tailor-made experience/s then see how you can arrange payments and the facility in both occasions check if some part of the funds can be paid on arrival or after the experience/s.

How should the Traveller Choose, is there a risk?

Traveller must rely totally on reviews by other travellers who used the service of one particular provider, either from our website Platform reviews or from any trusted third party travel related resources, such as websites, Newspapers, travel journals etc.

As, our website is new, it is possible you may not find at once all suppliers with reviews, however our goal is to bring the website into a good condition, where we want to be able to show reviews of all suppliers, and eventually make the TripMatchMaker website the Market place to look for reliable reviews from verified travellers who have used the service of local travel related suppliers. Until such time, we request travellers to rely on other information from third parties to gather information, before booking any experiences.

Lets, be HONEST! is there anything in the world that’s not Risky? it may sound risky too, however, that’s where insurance kick in, Right?

There are All Sorts of risks associated when it comes to travels. From loosing you funds to losing your head or even losing your life and others who are travelling with you!  So our advise is check with the local suppliers if they offer any Travel insurance, As we don’t offer any insurance, and to be safer , it is much advised to also have your own Home country insurance taken and read, and check what it covers before your travel, and if it does not cover all what you want to be covered on travels, then make sure you take all possible travel related insurance covers, before you book and travel.

Using TripMatchMakers Plat form to communicate and book
Using TMM plat form does not mean we accept travel funds/monies on behalf the traveller or we hold the funds and mediate between the traveller and the service providing supplier and release any payments to the supplier. The TMM plat form is used for the only reason that is to allow reviews by travellers regarding the supplier.
So if any traveller wishes to not share any contact details of the traveller until a service is confirmed by their preferred service provider, travellers can use this platform to communicate with suppliers and the supplier will not see your personal emails, telephone numbers etc, in this way you can contact and send the same enquiry to different suppliers and have a quote and once you are happy with one supplier and when you wish to finalise an experience/s, then you are allowed to send your email to the supplier and have emails exchanges. This is done to protect the traveller from having unnecessary harassment from suppliers and to avoid future promotions and advertisements from service providing suppliers. The traveller is not bound to use this method or platform, however using this also means we have evidence the traveller has actually booked an experience and when reviewing it will be a valid review, only registered users (travellers) are allowed to review. Incase you a non-registered user who had booked an experience directly, in this case we will need sufficient proof before you submit a review , in which we will confirm if the review is a valid upon your submission.

Go Travel or indulge in the Experience.

Once the stage is set, it’s time to sing and dance. Payments are done and a Holiday confirmation has come, now pack your bags or if you are already there then time to get going to enjoy the experience you booked.

Before the Experience
Check nearing your dates or times with the service providing supplier if all is in order.
Get in touch and ask if necessary where to meet, times, or if it simply a boat tour your booked then just go there with sometime before the scheduled time so you don’t miss you seat and to avoid a long queue.

In-case it is local tour, then check with the meeting tour guide or local office if the times given to you in advance hadn’t changed, reconfirm all aspects
Such as your trip itinerary, invoices, holiday confirmation, and agents or tour guides contact information. Get also the tourist board emergency contact numbers, the police stations contact, hospitals contact and all other important safety contacts.

During your trip
It is time to have fun! But responsibly. Make sure you to follow trip rules, or activity or the specific trip guidance. Respect the local areas, the cultures, the code of conduct, ask the guide on how to behave, ask the company before or during the experience if there are rules to follow. It is possible for behavioural reason some companies can expel you from the experiences without any refunds. Respect and be ethical. If any disputes arise during your experience, please contact your local Guide or travel supplying office, and try to resolve things quick then and there, talk to your local agent or guide to solve things as per the agreement you have. In most cases, problems are resolved in this way, however if the raised dispute is not within the local service provider capacity to solve, we ask you to act quickly by informing the police and the local tourist board, or any government representative office which handles such complaints, and also please inform us, though it is not within our reach solve such issues. We will take if found true of any complaint to remove such advertisers from our site.

After you travel
Write a review about your service provider, and their services. This will help other travellers to have realistic expectations. Though opinions can differ, it is best to write the actual experience.
Your Service provider too will have a chance to write a review

Search a supplier