A) Click “Add your listing” on the top right hand side of TripMatchMakers website

B) After arriving on the listing page, you will see a listing form (after choosing which type of Subscription you want, Unless its Open and Valid for the free promotions, where you do not need to arrange payments). You will see Listing name, where you will have to enter your company Name or product selling name, make sure it is your business name (registered) and if you are a Guide your full name.

C) You will next see “TAG LINE”, which is very important as it displays on the General Listing card (example when you search a destination and/or an experience the main page where it shows listings applicable to the search) the Highlights of your service. Which enables travellers to know in short sentences your specialised service or products. (Example “Your Villa Specialist in Bahamas”, “ bespoke wine tasting and tours in Napha”, Your Antarctic cruise specialist”, Day excursion tours in Cambodia” Vietnam accommodation agency” or Bicycle rentals in Amsterdam” Ski pass suppliers for Skiing in Swiss alps” )

D) Description is next, here you should write  and describe yourself and services, with one (01) or two (02) lines/sentence, about the Nature of business and its practices. Service providers/advertiser/Agencies must understand that traveller look for specific travel needs, and the service providers should list only there top specialisation services and products.

Introduction to your services
It is very important how you describe your service and products. Please take your time to explain your services and products carefully and accurately. And try to keep the introduction professional and to the point. write a line or two(02) about a very short history of your existences and experience. Travellers may not take time to read lengthy stories, of course the articulate and well written description always stands out and has a good possibility of grabbing the attention of the travellers, as a direct result getting more traffic to your contacts or website.
It is useful to inform the traveller exactly what to expect when using your service/s, so please list the facilities of service or products. You can also give a small introduction to other extra services you offer in relating to the experience they choose. Example if you are a Villa rental agency (Villa Owners or property owners cannot list here for one single property they have, Minimum of 02 properties) , the traveller maybe interested to know if he/she can book a car or taxi or a day excursion with you or if you know someone who is reliable that can be arranged.

Also you are most welcome to leave reference from trusted third-party travel related website or any other links that recommends you services from other travellers, all links should be appropriate.

If you already have TMM driven traffic and reviews on TMM websites (under your listing you will see a review section of your company/yourself.) it would give you a better visibility…however as a new comer this may take a bit of time, so having third party trustworthy link can be an advantage, All third party links should be directly relating to your services and inappropriate links will be removed, and as result of such practices the advertiser may risks losing his/her/its listings without any refunds.

Please make sure your website address and contact details are given correctly and how they work.

State your terms and conditions on your  OWN website covering all aspects of the service(s) and product(s) you offer, most travellers are interested to know your terms and conditions and how you work in times of Cancellations/Changes to the booked experiences, disputes, trouble and unexpected situations. If you need help in these please feel free to Contact us. We can guide you with some advice on how to put up a local fair condition policy, and our team will be happy to assist you in setting time to talk to you on Skype, telephone or other form if audible conversation.

Pricing, Response time and availability
Depending on what your selling products and services, it is important to give the traveller an idea. If your service or product is ready to be sold without any changes (such as fixed Tours where you have room allotments with all hotels you provide or Museums tickets), then you can give an idea of pricing and the availability. This would change from the nature of your service and product, or you can advise them to check your website for the latest prices and contact you to check availability, please advise how soon you can act on confirming availability (example minimum hours to book an experience example 24 hours or 14 days prior or as your own rule) and if prices need change (such as the tour price is only for Guidance purpose and depending on the hotels and availability price changes occurs, same applies for tailor-made experiences) what’s the realistic time they should expect to have it form you (a holiday quote). Giving a clear picture/idea of how you work as it will help the travellers to write good reviews and in return your business can boost.

Incase if your service is more tailor-made then please give a guidance price range such as FROM US$ xxx to US$ xxxx, so the traveller saves time in picking the appropriate budget suppliers. Try not say “contact us for prices”, most likely the traveller will not contact you at all. Giving a Guidance “FROM-TO” prices will save advertisers and travellers time immensely.

If you have website (depending on your service) and a calendar up to date of availability, especially for accommodation and rental service providers, this would help the traveller to get real time availability and book.

If you have online payment facilitates such as PayPal and credit card facilities feel free to write on this. Please advise that in these situations the payment gateway itself is responsible if the funds do not arrive and the traveller is responsible for his own payments and for using third party supplier gateways. Also if using credit card facilities there occurs extra commissions and charges, then it is best to give the traveller an idea what percentages or commissions the customers can pay….also to boost business it is essential you give the traveller an advise if they can pay Full or part of the holiday trip on arrival at your destination/country. This would build trust with the travellers, of course if some of your local suppliers need advance payments, we would advise you to negotiate with the suppliers and if possible to have on arrival payment option or at least part of the holiday fees, we know this is not always possible but having some peace of mind payment policy will boost business for sure.

Better Prices, Deals and Special offers
The Goal of this website is to offer the traveller a good holiday price, and to be able make the traveller realise booking with the local Supplier directly (we mean really directly with no middle man) brings the cost of their holiday lower.

It is also important to realise the traveller’s expectation when you are contacted directly without any intermediate suppliers. Travellers seek to have a better price for their holiday experiences (without TMM or any intermediate suppliers), so Offer discounts, special offers, early bird deals, last minute offers and free nights, in this way you will drive more clients to yourself. This could be also a free massage, free dinner on the beach or a free excursions or ticket to some experience.

Ofcourse this only applies for Holiday experiences and not for passes or tickets, however if such ticket/pass/guide service suppliers are able to offer even a small discount , then we welcome them to mention of possible discounts, such GROUP DISCOUNTS etc.

It is also important to realise the traveller’s expectation when you are contacted directly without any intermediate suppliers. Travellers seek to have a better price for their holiday experiences (without TMM or any intermediate suppliers), so Offer discounts, special offers, early bird deals, last minute offers and free nights, in this way you will drive more clients to yourself. This could be also a free massage, free dinner on the beach or a free excursions or ticket to some experience.

E) Listing category & Listing Tags
It’s very important the advertiser understands how the website work and how it only displays the specialised service or product. So if you want be on top searches then you have to make sure the listing categories and listing Tags are picked accurately, they are not just ICONS.

If the advertiser is specialised in few different service and Products, then the advertiser is advised to choose a basic listing.

Please see more on  our listing package options.
Please make use of this tool or feel free to Contact us when listing or after listing, and our team will be happy help you out.

F) Location
It is Very important you state you address correctly. Your Registered Business address should be written correctly, as the website supports Google Maps, it helps are travellers to find direction to find the advertiser.

The website also has a very interactive Map where listings are shown and travellers who visit the website can easily navigate to a specific service provider/s with the use and help of the map. If your address and location is pinned correctly there stand s a better possibility to be visible on searches. So make sure you NAIL your addresses on the MAP correctly.

G) Gallery Images and Videos on a listing
Images on the listing of TripMatchMakers website
They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and we believe images are influential to grasp the imagination of the travellers. So we expect the images in your listing Gallery to be simply breath-taking, Beautiful or eye catching, highlighting, and true of the service you offer and they don’t misrepresent the experience or Accommodations(s). Any misrepresentation of the service or using of copy righted images may cause of losing the listing at our own discretion without any refunds.

An advertiser can have maximum of limited number of images according to listing plan they have chosen. See add your listing, and each image should be 1200 (Width) x 900 (Height) pixels. Yet if the submitted image is not of good clarity, we reserve the right to remove and advise you to provide us with excellent images in order to keep the TMM website of good quality.

In the event we notice you have added more images than you ought to list, we will request you select what fits your subscription package and to remove images.

All listing will take approximately 2 to 7 days at our own discretion.

All images should be of High Quality, to be approved, and yes if the images are very poor quality, we will not approve any listing and you agree if you do not make effort to resolve this issue before given date (Usually 21 days from the date of submission) by TMM, your listing may be removed without any refunds at our own discretion. So before authorising any payments online you may check with us about the quality of your images and on our approval you can proceed to submit your listing.

Images on advertisers Own site
Images on advertiser’s site should also match with at least 2 or more images that will be listed on TMM website. We prefer if the advertiser is able to prove the images are from the supplier/advertiser and is has not breached any copy rights. Please see our terms of use.

We suggest you use professional photographers to offer you this services in your area ot you are a good photographer, then that would be fine too.

Video on TMM listing

Please check all are Subscription Packages before submitting a listing and what benefits you have.

By listing you grant TMM and its affiliates the ability to copyright and protect the images available via your Listing from the unauthorized use by unaffiliated third parties who may attempt to use such images. We are not responsible for any infringement or violation of laws resulting from content supplied by any advertiser/s and each Advertiser/supplier will indemnify and hold harmless TripMatchMaker against any action brought for breach of copyright or other rights from the use of such content. You agree that we may reproduce in whole or in part any photographic material supplied by you in the promotion of your service and property or the promotion of the Website.

Hours of Operation
Offer your operations time, you can state the days you are open and times and write available hours and times.

Offer your contact number and/or Mobile number(s) , We let the traveller see all your numbers.

Write your website address correctly and if you don’t have a Website leave it Blank, We would like everyone to have a website as it shows the traveller the direct contact details of the advertiser, and it brings traffic straight to the suppliers’ website.

Twitter username
If you have a twitter account, it would ideal state your twitter name so you can generate more followers.

Submitting the listing for approval
Once the listing is complete you can see how a preview looks like by clicking on Preview, then if you think the Preview is looking satisfactory, you can see on the right hand side of the bottom there are 02 buttons to click. 1st one Says Submit listing the 2nd Edit listing, Chose what you prefer, if nothing to change then you proceed to submit listing by clicking on the button. Once submitted we will inform you about approval of your listing. If you are having issues with the listings and if you are unable to see a preview clearly or upload images, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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