Why do i have only 03 listing options? In case i want to have more than 03 listing options how does it work?

Please see our listing Packages to have a better understanding of the way you can list.

If the advertiser tries to add more listing categories and listing tags, than the allowed numbers in a listing, we will contact and request you to limit this or we will ask you what you really want to show, and then advise you accordingly to edit your account or if you don’ t understand this, we may at times assist you in editing your account. if you have any questions Please Contact us before submitting and paying for your listings.

If you have taken the premium listing package, which includes 03 listings , and if you wish to have more, then it is best you Contact us, our team will take time to understand your request and see if we can come up with something suitable or suggest you a discount depending totally on the number of listings (valid only for those booking other than the premium package) you wish to have and offer a Special discount.

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