What about Passport & Visa requirements for the travelling destination?

You will need a full 10 year passport to travel to most destinations. Depending on your Nationality, Some destinations also require visas, entry regulations which must be adhered to before landing,  If you have committed or been convicted of a criminal offence including driving whilst impaired, you may be prohibited from entering certain countries. we advise when planning to book your holiday you request such information from the advertiser/service provider, and also check with travelling VISA office or check the relevant government offices, embassies, High Commissions, consulates, and website (if available) in obtaining a visa if required or request additional information, Example, if an Indian needs to enter the UK, or Europe he will need to apply well in advance with the local embassy, High Commission or consulate, and until such visas are confirmed we request the traveller not book anything firm, Please seek local embassy, consulate or representative bodies for such information. In the event a holiday is booked and paid and your entry Visa is not granted, TMM or service providers cannot be held responsible and your holiday money can be a loss. It is your responsibility to sort such information and take action. We advise you to take the measures you will need to take prior to departure. Many countries including USA now require children to hold their own passports and additional countries are adopting this policy on an ongoing basis. We therefore recommend that all children travel on full passports.

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