Is it possible negotiate prices, terms etc. with the Supplier/advertisers? Does TMM has any SAY on these?

This Depends on the Product, service and suppliers terms. There are set prices for each suppliers products and services, and there are products and services where you can negotiate, if you are tailor-making and experience such as touring experience its better you discuss with each supplier your budget and ask the supplier to match your budget, so we encourage you to give it a try to get your best deal. However terms and conditions most likely be fixed, though with payments we ask you to find a balance or fair negotiation such as on arrival you pay part of a holiday fee, if it is a large sum for bigger holiday booking unlike a ticket or pass. This does not guarantee that all suppliers will accept your proposals and while some may do some may decline and you must respect the suppliers’ terms and conditions and if you are unsatisfied we ask you to try another where you can deal better.

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