What happens if the guide does not show up?, if the office is closed or not functioning anymore (gone Bankrupt or does not exist)? Whom can we contact?

If the contact person who needs to welcome or meet you for an experience doesn’t show up, it is best to call the supplier immediately and try to resolve this situation, it is also possible the host/Guide is delayed, however if you can not reach the meeting host/guide or agent with provided number, then ask the booking company or supplier by making a quick call, in case the Supplier is not reachable, then you should call the tourist board or similar authority to take action or report to the Tourist Police/police. However in some countries things can be rather slow, So you don’t need to scare the supplier, first try things in amicable fashion and stay calm to see maybe it was only a DELAY, however if your wait is significant (meaning more than 2 hours or so or if you feel suspicious) and there is no sign of anyone turning up or the office you visited does not exists , then its time to act with local tourist police/police, Governing authorities. If you are booking an experience with an office, feel free to ask their scan copy of Business registration or business license, or tourist board or government license, and same applies to Guides, ask also the guides (or if it is one person) for a Copy of the National ID card or copy of his/hers passport , as this would helpful to the local authorities.

In the unlikely event if the unexpected occurs, we advise you to take immediate actions by calling the Police authorities/Tourist Police or find a law firm and take legal actions against such situations. The government office in many countries can be very helpful , and this is also why before traveling we advise you to take a bit of your time and make a check list before vising a destination and getting all the information and contacts of relevant bodies and suppliers , so in times of troubles you can act swiftly and try to negotiate fair payments terms.

Bear in mind, booking with suppliers who has good reviews is important, however maybe you won’t find any reviews on our site, and then it is best to find them on other trusted websites before booking, Suppliers with positive reviews will in the least would attempt to cheat any traveller, as it will harm their reputation, however saying this does not endorse any advertisers or listings on our website, it is the travellers duty to act with caution and to avoid any danger or any risk that can occur, we at TMM does not take any responsibility in the event of any losses of funds on holiday money and travels and on injury, death or any form of losses.


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