What to expect after the holidays, from a registered and non-registered traveller?

Whether it is a Registered User (traveller) or a non-registered user (traveller), has the right to leave a review, after completing an experience. The Traveller reserves all the right to leave a review regarding the trip experience(s) regarding the suppliers. This can be good or bad, depending how the traveller experienced a service. All the reviews on TMM are written by  travellers from our community, so any review you see is based on a actual experience the traveller had.

Star ratings

In addition to written reviews, the travellers who experienced a service can submit a star rating and a set of category star rating. The number of stars displayed at the top of the review area is an aggregate of the primary scores guests have given for that listing.

Can I reply to a review?

Yes. You can post your response directly below the review on your profile (and your TMM listing if you’re an advertiser). Find the review you’d like to respond to and Leave a Response.

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