What is the Guarantee I have that these suppliers are able to offer my experiences? And how can I trust they will be there to provide me with all services booked?

There is no Guarantee from TMM that all advertisers are genuine, real, reliable and trustworthy, each supplier will also never be the same quality with same services & products they sell (Please see also our terms and conditions). It is the responsibility of the traveller to avoid all such risk factors before finalising and paying for any experience, We at TMM do not Endorse any advertisers/Suppliers, Service Providers or listings . We advise our travellers (registered or non-registered users) to pay careful attention to Reviews, References and risk factors before booking, you can find reviews and/or reference/recommendations from previous/past travellers who used the suppliers service/s.

You will see on the bottom of each listing there will be a review section from Genuine/Verified travellers who used the services of a supplier, and see if you don’t find any reviews or if you have any questions you can write and ask the past travellers who will be notified, and it is possible that such past travellers will not always answer to your questions.

However, we encourage travellers to check leading trusted travel related websites and articles to find out more information about the supplier whom you are booking with and also it is always advisable to check in the destination you are travelling, to check with local authorities such as the Government approved bodies such as the tourist board or any suppliers who are credited with various international tourism or relevant product license to carry on business, like IATA for example or a valid tourist board license, company registration number and registered service locations and addresses, and contact details etc…once you know enough information and the reliability of the service provider it is always safer to book and pay. You take your own risks by accessing our website to be able match a trip to your destination. We are only referral site.

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