Are the Suppliers Verified? And does this mean TMM endorse all suppliers?

All Advertisers/Service Providers/ listing agents are verified. When an advertiser is interested to list, we check if the provider is actually real.  When registering an advertiser goes through a process where our System checks for an exact set of verification checks—Phyiscal address, Checks with Authorities or any proof of the service suppliers existence, email address, landline and mobile phone numbers, offline Check and online check.  We take time to call and actually speak with a supplier and ask for more proof the establishments such registration numbers, License numbers, and when approving the listing we ask the suppliers to provide an Sample of an invoice or holiday confirmation, which should show the business physical address of registration. However though we do a back ground check, this however does not mean, we at TripMatchMaker(s) have endorsed any supplier, and we TMM should not be held responsible if any information provided by supplier is incorrect to false, all such dealings and disputes should be brought direct against the service provider and if any legal necessary actions to be taken it should be brought directly against the advertiser/Service provider / suppliers and relevant authorities, not against TripMatchMakers Ltd.

Advertisers (suppliers) and travellers develop reliability and reputations by reviews, so we encourage travellers to always write a review after completing the trip and this would help both the advertisers and other like-minded travellers to book with more practical knowledge and others experiences…

Images are no Guarantee for the actual experience, most of the times it is a representation of the experiences and an example , and the same applies to the suppliers website images. We do have a strict policy when a supplier lists regarding the images, you can see this on FAQ’s for Advertisers/Suppliers. However though we have set policies regarding the images to the advertiser , it does not mean the traveller will have the same experience as shown on the images, Its not the exact representation of the experience.



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