What happens, if the local supplier has no or poor terms and conditions? or if i have a Bad experience with the Supplier?

It is in the most unlikely event that service provider may offer an experience without any terms and conditions, the risk of taking part in such experiences without signing any booking form which is directly connected to terms and conditions, may drive you to unpleasant and costly experiences. If the Service provider has no terms and conditions it is always good to take time to ask by writing an email with all your questions you have and fears, losses, doubts and anything you see can be dangerous to you, and ask the supplier to give an answer on a point by point basis for all your questions. There are destinations where very remote which has very few suppliers and such suppliers may have poor terms and conditions or no terms and conditions at all. its best you ask everything in writing and incase of any disputes you will have proof of all the communications, which may come useful if the traveller has to produce evidence to respective local authorities and for insurance purposes, if you have taken any insurance cover for your travels. It is also important to find out reviews/recommendation of the travellers from TMM website or from other trusted travel related website, articles, newspapers and resources.

Our advice is: if the worst unexpected happens, first contact the tourist authorities in the respective country you are visiting, before travelling it is the travellers responsibility to ask the suppliers of All important contact details of authorities and institutions such as Police, Hospital, legal and any other emergency contact numbers and email addresses incase the issue is something bigger than the supplier could resolve, and it is also the duty of the supplier to provide legal assistance if the traveller needs such help, before or when booking advertisers should provide such information, as this helps the travellers to travel with peace of mind.

We strictly advise the traveller (you) to find out these information, check if your destination has good internet connections. This would help immensely to act swiftly and inform the right authorities in times of troubles, and take legal action if disputes cannot be amicably resolved. We also advise travellers to stay in touch with someone from your home country.

Most time if there are minor issues Advertiser/Supplier should be available to resolve these if informed then and there (immediately, without waiting until you get home), in this way most of the issues are re-solved quickly.

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