What do the symbols or icons mean? Does clicking on them mean anything?

You will see in each listing there are Blue colour icon/symbols on the middle right hand side in a listing body, and it explains what it means.  And then you will see small Black colour icons/Symbols in a listing, just under the description of the listing, and it explains in brief what it means. All these icons/symbols are CLICKABLE , meaning its designed for the sole purpose of easy Navigation.  By clicking on them and playing around a bit, you will get familiar on how to navigate and find your exact experience in your preferred location to be found. Could be fun too. 🙂

These icons can be a Listing Category or Listing Tags. You can click on these ICONS/SYMBOLS, and they allow to narrow down the specialist local providers, in this way you save a lots time by picking the icon(s) you want for your experience(s). Example you are visiting Argentina, and you want Buenos aires local tour operators, and also during your tour inside the country you want someone who can offer a special wine touring experience, or Tango dance or scenic flight supplier or Aconcagua trek supplier, well you can click on trek or adventure sports ICON and Entertainment icons and local tour operators ICONS and you can see the specialist as well as those who do bit of both. So you can chose with ICONS and narrow down only the specific service suppliers and get in touch with those suppliers. Make sure you have the chosen the destination (by entering on the location you wish to go, or else it will show ALL over the world all Suppliers providing a specific service : ) )

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