What Makes TMM, different from other so called “destination experts” or local providers?

TMM is an online listing service platform, that allows travellers to directly enquire, book, negotiate and book with local travel experts and suppliers (by revealing the contacts of the suppliers.) worldwide.

We believe if you say you are cutting out the middle Man, then there should be 100% transparency and there should not be any reason to hold ourselves the contacts of the suppliers, Rather offer it direct to the traveller, to deal with the suppliers.

Is that what you thought too?

We charge No commission(s) from the Suppliers or Booking fees from the Travellers, As a result of directly contacting the supplier(s), TMM is also the quickest (Save communication time) and the easiest way to enquire and book. Travellers have the total freedom to contact any number of supplier directly (not 03 and not 5 but any numbers of suppliers) without any restrictions to find out a quote for their experiences.

We certainly doubt if any online service plat offers this fast and diverse approach to link travellers to suppliers. And as a result the experiences only gets more affordable, as a direct advantage of this, travellers can end up Saving money and either travel longer or do something special while on their trip and/or save the money for the next holiday.

TMM, review system keeps the advertiser more competitive, and as a result suppliers will be happy to offer Fair Price and have regular business. TMM allows travellers to find out the real price information on the travel experience(s). Travellers will not find a complete database with this much content, which can be put to use instantly.

Well, there are many websites that makes claims about booking directly with local experts and specialist, so on and so forth, However the outcome is disappointing to both the supplier and the traveller.

From a Suppliers point of view, they never get an opportunity to show their full potential with the intermediary (mediator, merchant, Dealer or a middle man) involvement, and taking away the big piece of pie. The local Suppliers never gets discovered or has an opportunity to exhibit themselves (leave alone expensive international travel fairs, not even any dedicated forum exists for them to be reviewed).

From a traveller or consumers point of view, the traveller ends up knowing that they never got access to deal with local supplier , rather after a confirmation of payment the suppliers contact gets revealed. And end of the day traveller ends up paying the intermediary (mediator, merchant, Dealer or a middle man) agent/supplier.

By putting both together, we figured out as travellers ourselves, there is no ONE market place  we can find a transparent website connecting travellers with local experts and suppliers with the contact information, such as websites, Telephone numbers etc, travellers have to spend hours or even sometimes days on search engines to find such suppliers just to put a destination experience together, and we decided to build ONE market place where they can find book directly their museum tickets, a local sightseeing tour, and even book a through a Local accommodation supplier some place to stay (with not only supporting the local economy but they live there and they know more better”) and booking activities or various experiences.

We, hope the this could bring some form of Global travel equality, where outbound suppliers also learn to market their own living destination as an inbound/incoming supplier, and cater to such interested travellers.
The Definite Difference
What sets us apart, is Our decision to help travellers match their trip needs with suppliers and get the best possible deal without limitations, and with full transparency, where we reveal the suppliers full information. So no more Browsing hoping to get to that page, where you think you are contacting the local supplier and finding out the enquiry stays within the website you are using (for whatever reasons).


We don’t have intention to trick the traveller into thinking “Yes your local expert will advise BUT  we be in-charge “:)

You may think, well what about reliability of the local supplier and risks? Yes, of-course what is not risky in the world?,  ALL SUPPLIERS world-over are risky! that’s why we have Insurance! don’t we ? and lets not forget the REVIEWS. it helps travellers make wise and correct decisions.

So now travellers can find a ONE market Place to Search and Book with Directly with real destination experts and enjoy the Holiday Savings!

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