The Ultimate GOAL of this platform is it should beat All prices, meaning getting the BEST deal.

This is done in 02 ways, by eliminating the intermediary (middle man) supplier(s), and by showcasing similar suppliers for the same services we build competitive price, where the traveller gets and idea of the real Marker price, by receiving various quotes for a specific service.

And lets say there exists another major hidden 3rd point 🙂
Supplier for sure will not charge you an extra money to give us as commissions. As we only charge them a small listing fee for a year! or for the first Year we offer it free of charge! So there is not need to charge extra, and on top of this! if a 4th point does come into play, then lets say you have full power to negotiate, ! 🙂
However, these rules may not always apply for certain service and products, like Tickets and Passes and some Accommodation rentals, where it can have fixed prices, however for an excursions, a guide fee, or travel experiences it can most likely work.
Let’s say if you had the opportunity to holiday twice for the price of One, would you say no? it is definitely a Holiday Saving!
Just to give you some idea of what you may look at as your savings! When it comes to considerable (about 4 days or more) number of days based tours and holidays, without the intermediate agent/ supplier/ middle man (outbound foreign agents in your own country) are looking at somewhere between 10% to 50% savings, and it’s pretty much the same trip or maybe at times it is the same local provider who is selling their experiences through your foreign supplier to you. The ultimate goal is to find such suppliers in the travelling country (the local experts) and bring them all in one website where you don’t have to spend time searching in different search engines but to have an overall view of such suppliers and divert the traveller to these suppliers, who will sell the same experience for much cheaper price and gives you the possibility to have a large discount.
Our website even narrows down the searches where you may be able to book certain experiences with the locals of the small town you are visiting and even keep the price cheaper.So for an instant, let’s say you are booking a round trip by land with a private guide with an Argentinian tour incoming/local tour operator, you also want a wine touring experience through Mendoza, and instead of booking the whole trip with the local tour operator , you want to search on our website for some wine experts touring local offices/ guides and you book with them directly, and then ask your local tour operating company to tailor make and see if they can include this in a practical way to the itinerary.  In this way even inside the destination itself, if available you can find and book small experiences, and this would on the whole keep your holiday cost very low.

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