a) Full Transparency of the advertiser/suppliers
Yes , That’s true. We don’t say that travellers book with direct suppliers and then be engaged in some secretive trap as an intermediate and not reveal the contact details of the suppliers. Travellers have full transparency of the supplier’s information such website, emails, contact numbers and twitter etc. And they decide to get in touch with you and book directly with any involvement from TTM.

b) Negotiating directly with the Travellers
Suppliers after receiving an enquiry as their full freedom to deal with travellers. Suppliers have full negotiation power directly with travellers and find a fair way to handle an enquiry and make booking. TMM is an online service that allows Suppliers to directly accept booking without any strings attached in a communication and dealing.

c) No commissions and Booking fees
We charge No commission(s) from the Suppliers or Booking fees from the Travellers. As a result Suppliers have responsibility to be able to offer good prices for travellers without having the pressure from overseas agents or to be bound by any limitations.

d) Save Communication time and speedy booking process
TMM is also the quickest and the easiest way to enquire and book. As there are no intermediate communication involved, Suppliers with respect to the travellers decision has freedom act quickly and have a direct answer from the travellers.

e) Affordable listing cost & free Limited promotional offers
As per the set dates, it is free to list , However if the Advertiser chooses an Easy listing (basic) Subscription option a small listing fee of USD 4, 16 per month, which should be paid as an annual listing fee of USD 50 at once (isn’t that better you don’t have to pay commission to mediating suppliers?).  Please see other All options of subscriptions before you list.

f) Verified Review System
Not all potential travellers can post reviews. Reviews are checked and only those travellers actually Booked and paid an experience with a Supplier is allowed to write a review, We verify with Suppliers if traveller actually booked an experience by our verification process , as stated on this FAQ’s. If you don’t find it, feel free to ask us, to have a peace of mind.

g) Subscription options and personalised assistance
Depending on the Subscription, various listing advantages and personalised assistance from TMM to suppliers on how to list and have better visibility on searches. Please check the type of Subscriptions/listing available.

h) Direct traffic to the advertiser website
As we make every effort to improve our own website/search Rankings on search engines (SEO’s), spending a lot on advertisements etc., we also bring travellers through TMM website directly to the suppliers website, and as a result of having extra clicks to your website, you automatically Generate a better search engine rank on leading search website(s).

i) New Business Opportunities through Networking
TMM website has other indirect benefits. Yes take a moment to think through this, When you are special local supplier and having good reviews on prices and services and other extras you provide, there are also suppliers who are not only specialised in their own destinations but also provide outbound travels. So inbound suppliers have a Huge benefit from booking travellers reviews where good reviews exists, the better chance of been contacted by other outbound suppliers worldwide who are already members or non-members, where you make new partnerships because of the services you offer. This would no doubt give better business opportunities to suppliers, from Ticket providers to large travel providers. Basically any outbound supplier has an ocean to jump with reviews how the performances of a local supplier is and price factors and determine to change existing partners as trust has been built through the review system.

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